The Best Foods to Eat

Eating a healthy diet when pregnant will mean a healthy you after your little tot arrives. Knowing what to eat can be difficult, and with so many companies trying to get you to eat there foods, not only can it be confusing, but also expensive too. Let me show you the best foods to eat when pregnant, so that you can be in the best shape possible to deal with the workload that comes when your baby is born.

During the 9 months of pregnancy your body goes through so many changes, that eating healthy food at the right times can become a bit of a strain. I know what that’s like, and I did struggle with my first-born, but with my second born, I was much more prepared for what was in store. I would like to run through a couple of the best foods to eat when pregnant, know what foods to eat, and which ones you should be avoiding.

The first trimester of birth can make your stomach turn at the sight of many foods, but then on the other hand, many women don’t ever feel like this, and never suffer from sickness at all. The first few months are important for the growth of your baby, so eating the right foods is vital. It is now time to kick those bad eating habits and to start eating a balanced diet that has all the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs to grow healthy.

If you suffer from sickness early on however, you will probably need something to calm your stomach, and I always reached for the tea. Tea is something that can help settle your stomach, with chamomile being one of the best ones. You can also eat soup, which is not something heavy, and chicken soup was a savior for me throughout the whole of my pregnancy. It is very easy to make, is healthy and also full of nutrients.

If you are looking for some energy boosting foods to help you get on your feet, then it’s time to reach for the fruit. Fruit is one of the best energy foods you can eat, whether you are pregnant or not. The mid afternoons were the time of day I started to feel tired, so fruit was always on hand to get me going again. You can also make your own fruit juice too, but avoid pre-made juices as they may contain added sugar.

The middle and end trimesters of pregnancy are when food can be something of a necessity, and many women cannot eat enough. The problem with bigger meals is it can take all the energy out of you, so eating less food more often is helpful, and it worked for me.

We have looked at a couple of the best foods to eat when pregnant, how tea can help calm an unsettled stomach, and also how fruit can be great for increasing energy levels.